Katherine M. Spencer, LCSW

Rates and Insurance

My fees are:

Individual:   $100 for a 50-minute session
Couple:        $150 for a 60-minute session

I will discuss a sliding scale for those who need it.


You may have health insurance that will cover a good portion of your therapy. To determine if you have mental health coverage — also called “behavioral health” the first thing to do is check with your insurance carrier. Check your coverage carefully or call the number on the back of your card that says “Member” and find the answers to the following questions:

•What are my mental health benefits?

•What is the co-pay for each session?

•Are my sessions limited in number?

•Is there a deductible I must meet?

•Is pre-certification required?

If I am a provider on your insurance plan, I will bill your insurance directly. There is no paperwork for you to do. You would only need to pay the session co-pay, which can run anywhere from $0 to $50, depending on your policy.

If I am not a provider on your insurance plan, you may still have “out of network” benefits that will cover a portion of my fee. Many insurance plans have this “out of network” benefit; most HMO policies do not. In this case, I will be happy to give you a receipt with the necessary codes so you can submit it to your insurance plan  directly and get reimbursement. Typically, they will reimburse at about 50-80 percent of usual and customary charges.  Feel free to ask me about this if it is confusing.

I am a provider for: Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Aetna.